Avoid Jetstar Credit Card Booking Fee

Flying with Jetstar soon? One of our team members at SG Best Bargain flew with Jetstar recently. Usually we will use SAM Machine for payment since this is the most convenience and the cheapest booking fee at $4 compare to eNets at $5 and Credit Card at $19. However, we can’t use SAM Machine for payment as stated in the Jetstar website that “Offline payments via SingPost or 7-Eleven are only available for bookings made at least 14 days before your departure date. If you’d like to book a flight within the next 14 days you’ll need to use another payment option.”. (http://www.jetstar.com/sg/en/help/articles/payment-options)

After that we googled and found a method to avoid the credit card booking fee by buying the Jetstar voucher to use it as the payment method. We are a little worry whether is this method going to work because if it doesn’t work, we need to pay much more! But we decided to give it a try! We proceed to buy the Jetstar voucher and used it to pay for our flight! And we received the flight itinerary the next minute in our email!

Though we knew this method of payment online but we believe that some may worry just like us initially. Since we tried and this method works, we decided to share it to benefit everyone. Lastly, remember to do your math whether is this worthwhile to avoid the $19 credit card booking fee since the Jetstar voucher is in the denomination of $25, $50, $100, $200, 300, $500 only. Our fare was $49! So it was a good bargain for us even though we paid $1 more for the $50 Jetstar voucher to avoid the $19 credit card booking fee.

From all of us at SG Best Bargain!


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