Booking with Agoda Mobile App

Enjoyed our getaway at Hotel Granada Johor Bahru. For this post, we will share with you our booking process with Agoda mobile app.

We search for the hotel online information here and was suggested to use Agoda mobile app to enjoy more discount. The best part is the price you see on the app is the nett price compare to the additional 10% service charge + 6% hotel tax you have to pay on top of the price you see online.

We downloaded the app and proceed with the booking. It is easy to use (can be done within 5 minutes) with a few simple steps. Remember to login to your Agoda account first.

  1. Search and choose location
  2. Select the date for both check in and check out
  3. Select the number of guests and number of room
  4. Select the type of room (Deluxe Queen, Deluxe Twin, etc)
  5. Enter your Visa/Mastercard/Amex/JCB card details (can skip this step if you have saved the card details in your account)
  6. Enter any special requests, etc (optional)
  7. Select the “Book & Pay Now”

One tip to share is to search for the information online first and use the Agoda mobile app for booking purpose only. Have you try using Agoda or other similar mobile app? Do share with us your experience so that all of us can benefit from the best bargain.

From all of us at SG Best Bargain!


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