Causeway Link CW3 Bus

Our previous post about our stay at Hotel Granada Johor Bahru ( We received a few messages on the travel with public transport from Jurong East in Singapore. We decided to share it here to benefit more people!

From Jurong East Bus Interchange, there is a bus berth for the bus CW3/CW4. In case you can’t find, look out for a small yellow booth for Causeway Link bus operator. Wait for the bus and pay SGD$4 for the bus ticket when boarding the bus.

There are three stops you need to alight. First stop at the Tuas Checkpoint(Singapore custom), second stop at the CIQ 2nd Link (Malaysia custom). After clearance at CIQ 2nd Link, check with the bus driver is the bus going to AEON Bukit Indah before boarding. The reason is due to delay at the custom, sometime you may miss the bus and have to take the next bus. Therefore, ask before you board to make sure the bus goes to your destination. Enjoy your bus journey (around 30 minutes from CIQ 2nd Link) and alight when you see AEON Bukit Indah (see the picture below).

For the return trip, take the same bus in front of a Mamak store (opposite from the bus stop where you alight). Check with the  bus driver is the bus traveling to Jurong East Singapore before you pay RM$5 for the bus ticket. You will alight in three stops at CIQ 2nd Link -> Tuas Checkpoint -> Jurong East.


From all of us at SG Best Bargain!


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