SHINIL Food Dehydrator

Image from qoo10

SG Best Bargain bought a food dehydrator (SFD-A500JH) from one of the online stores at qoo10 recently. The food dehydrator have a timer function from 2 to 10 hours with a 2 hours interval. A maximum of 5 layers for the food to dehydrate. Do swap the bottom layer to the top as the food in the bottom usually will dehydrate faster. The best part of this food dehydrator is that there is only one button which use for on/off and set the timer. This is very user friendly especially when you have elderly at home.

SG Best Bargain bought at $59.90 only during a promotion with a delivery charge of $3.90. The promotion had ended and is selling at $79.90 now ($20 more!!!). Hopefully the $59.90 promotion will be back soon! Hope the seller read our post and launch the promotion soon for all of us! Hehe.

If you like to find out more about the product details, you can click here for more information.

From all of us at SG Best Bargain!

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